“IT’S not for the faint-hearted,” The Goff tells Boxing News and if he’s saying it, this workout must be tough. “This is a brutal strength-and-conditioning workout to really put you through your paces and see what you need to work on,” he continues and now we are beginning to feel a little nervous. “This workout can be incorporated anywhere in the period three-six weeks away from a fight.” S&C guru Cameron Goff is as far from a sand-swallowing wimp as you are likely to find so if this superhuman terms his focused fitness workout “brutal”, you better man or woman up fast.

NB: Super-sets are when you complete all the reps of two separate exercises before resting. A tri-set is when you complete all the reps of three exercises before resting. A circuit is when you do the listed exercises in order until the allotted rep time has elapsed before resting. For the exercises involving a load, aim for 60 per cent bodyweight minimum, except the squat jumps which should only be 10 per cent bodyweight.

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1) Small circuit (can be used as the second part of your warm-up), 2 sets, 3-minute reps, 45 seconds’ rest
1a) Small hurdle double jumps x 8
1b) Ladder (quick feet)
1c) Small hurdle double jumps x 6
1d) Ladder (quick feet)
1e) Medicine ball slams x 4

Jumps: Perform small bounding jumps over the hurdles, spending as little time on the ground as possible. Think of the ground as a spring.

Ladder: Pump your arms and legs throw each part of the ladder (see main image) as quickly as possible.

Slams: Grab your medicine ball in both hands and adopt a squat position. Start to press your ball overhead, whilst extending up onto your toes. Now slam and drive the ball into the floor.

2) Super-set, 4 super-sets, 10 reps (five per exercise), 60-90 seconds’ rest
2a) Deadlight high pulls
2b) Explosive box press-ups to standing position

Pulls: Start with your barbell on the floor, your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands lined up just on the outside of your thighs . Sit down into a quarter-squat position and grip the barbell, with your back straight and chest high. Now start to lift the barbell in a straight line up towards your hips. Once it is up to your hips, fully extend your legs and plantar flex (move your foot downwards at the ankle so toes push into the ground). Now drive your elbows high whilst pulling the barbell under your chin.

Press-ups: Set a box around knee-height or taller. Place your hands on the box and adopt a press-up position. Your body should remain nice and straight with your elbows tucked in. Now lower your body to the box. Once your chest touches the box, drive your arms and chest up and away from the box to take a standing position off the box.

3) Explosive repeat circuit, 6-8 sets, 45-second reps, 30 seconds’ rest
3a) Kettlebell jump squats (10% bodyweight load) x 15 seconds
3b) Rope slams x 15 seconds
3c) Medicine ball overhead throws x 15 seconds

Jump Squats: Grab a kettlebell with both hands and place your feet on two boxes raised off the floor. Sit into a quarter-squat position and keep your arms fully extended inside whilst gripping the KB that hangs between your legs. Keep your chest high and sit down into a squat before driving up and off the boxes. Land on the boxes and repeat.

Slams: Sit into a quarter-squat position and grab your ropes with both hands. Lift the ropes to head-height and slam them into the ground. Try not to pull the ropes, you are trying to slam downwards.

Throws: Keep your legs just outside shoulder-width and hold the ball between your legs with both hands. Sit into a quarter-squat position with your arms now fully extended. Keep your chest high, drive up from your heels, then your legs and hips then move your arms upwards, to throw the ball overhead.

4) Tri-set – 3 tri-sets, 60 seconds’ rest
4a) Depth jumps x 3
4b) Medicine ball throws x 12 (6 each arm, 5-10kg ball)
4c) Sled sprints x 20-40m (10% bodyweight load)

Jumps: Set up three boxes set at different heights – low, medium and high – with space in between them. Jump up, both feet at the same time, onto the small box, drop softly into the first gap and then leap quickly onto the medium box. Drop down into a soft landing again and spring up onto the highest box.

Throws: Stand one arm’s length away from a solid wall in your boxing stance and guard. Now execute a straight ‘punch’ and let the ball go ‘through’ the wall. Make sure you turn your foot and drive your hips in the the same way as you would when throwing a jab or backhand.

Sprints: Find one of those horrid sleds and attach it to your back or hips, then sprint forward, dragging it along.

5) Choose ONE of treadmill sprints, battle ropes or bike sprints for each set. 2 sets, 3-minute reps, 20 seconds’ work, 10 seconds’ rest; 1 minute rest between sets

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