WORLD Boxing has urged boxing federations to join them now to save Olympic boxing after the International Olympic Committee’s latest statement.

As it stands, boxing isn’t on the programme for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

That could change if the IOC are satisfied by early next year that another governing body can run the sport

In April, they rejected IBA’s appeal against banning them from running qualifying events.

The IOC have concerns over their governance, finance and ethics.

The IOC said in a statement this week that a “recognised and reliable IF (International Federation) is needed to run Olympic boxing after Paris and World Boxing appear to be the only possible option.”

Formed last April, World Boxing said the IOC statement is a “clear and unambiguous message” to all National Federations that they need to join World Boxing.

World Boxing leaders said at a recent press conference they have “25-30” countries looking to join their current membership of 28.

They have staged three World Boxing Cup events – in Cologne, Sheffield and Colorado – and have announced several more events, including an inaugural Under-19 World Championship to be held in November.

The IOC statement reads: “The IOC is not in a position to organise another Olympic boxing tournament. 

“To keep boxing on the Olympic programme, the IOC needs a recognised and reliable IF as a partner, as with all the other Olympic sports.

“The establishment of such a new federation, which respects the IOC conditions for recognition, is now in the hands of the National Boxing Federations and their National Olympic Committees (NOCs).  

“Every National Boxing Federation and NOC that wants its boxers to make their Olympic dreams a reality and win medals at Los Angeles 2028 will now have to take the necessary decisions. 

“The NOCs and National Boxing Federations thus hold the future of Olympic boxing in their own hands, and the required actions cannot be clearer.

“Boxing is not currently on the sports programme for the Olympic Games LA28. In order to remedy this, the IOC needs to have a partner IF for boxing by early 2025.” 

World Boxing issued a statement in reply saying: “The IOC has sent a clear and unambiguous message to all NFs and NOCs that if they want their boxers to have the opportunity to compete at an Olympic Games after Paris 2024 they need to take immediate steps to join World Boxing. 

“This is the only path that will see boxing remain in the Olympic Games after Paris 2024 and all NFs must act now if they want boxing to have any chance of boxing still being part of the programme at Los Angeles 2028.”

IBA this week said they will reward Olympic medallists with financial rewards.

Umar Kremlev, IBA President, said $100,000 (£79,000) will be given to gold medallists, $50,000 (£39,000) to silver medallists and bronze medallists will receive $25,000 (£19,000).

There will also be rewards for boxers who lose in the quarter-finals.