Paul Edwards
Top amateur trainer

It breaks my heart even to think about it. I hope it gets sorted for the sake of all the amateur boxing gyms and all these kids. Every kid’s goal really once they start boxing is to try to get to the Olympics. So if that’s off there’s going to be plenty of dreams shattered.

Paul Smith
Former British champion

Boxing has no one to blame but itself. I’ve been involved in boxing for 30 years and have seen the corruption and incompetence at every level. Maybe boxing being off the Olympic programme might be the wake up call needed to completely reform the game and make amateur boxing fair.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

It would be catastrophic if there is no Olympics. Partly because of the calibre of athletes it produces. I think as a nation we hold our Olympians in high esteem. I think it would be a catastrophe for boxing.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Hugely. Without the Olympics to aim for boxers will spend less time in the amateur code, turn professional with less experience and ability and the standard of pro boxing will drop. And the profile of the sport will also suffer without the prestige of the Games. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Boxing’s Olympic nightmare rolls on