THE negotiations to make the Tyson Fury vs Wladimir Klitschko rematch are still ongoing. There had been speculation that the fight could wind up in Austria on June 4. But Peter Fury, Tyson’s uncle and trainer, stated on social media: “There is no Austria venue for Tyson Fury or a date!” He added, “This is a UK fight, we are trying to make it.”

Earlier the promoter of Tyson Fury, the new heavyweight champion of the world, Mick Hennessy gave Boxing News an update on the situation. “Myself and Bernd Boente [head of the Klitschko management group] are actually speaking three or four times a day every day. It’s been very, very tricky with dates, venues, TV dates and we are trying to find the best venue and best day to do it and that hasn’t been finalised yet. We’ve had a lot of offers from around the world and we’re fielding them as well, from America, East Coast and West Coast, the UAE, we’ve had quite a few offers. We’re fielding offers and we’re trying to find the best business case for both fighters,” Mick said.

May and June remain the likely months for the rematch. “It could well be. It could be any of those months right now depending on venue and TV date, it could be May, June, it could even be July. Both fighters have got to be prepared for when we push the button,” Hennessy continued. “There’s not a lot of flexibility with the TV dates or the venues. We need a massive venue for this, we need a stadium, we need to do something special with it so that’s been a real task for us.”

“[The UK broadcaster] hasn’t been completely finalised. German TV’s done but the difficulty is not just with the German TV date’s marrying up it’s also with broadcasters over here as well,” Fury’s promoter explained. “He’s ticking over, he’s doing his thing, as soon as the date’s there he will go into intense camp.

“If we didn’t have this rematch in place a lot of people would say he got lucky on the night, it wasn’t the same Klitschko. This gives Tyson, to any doubters, it absolutely gives him the chance to wipe the floor with that situation. We know that Wladimir’s coming for it. He wants it. He’s unhappy with where he’s at. I think it’s going to make for a better fight again. But whichever way he has it, Tyson can adapt, he can change, he can fight, he can box, he can punch, he’s the real deal.”

A change in the rules could allow professional boxers to enter the Olympic Games, something that caught Fury’s attention. “Tyson would do that in a heart beat, but his prior obligations, he’s got big obligations now, he’s got big commitments, he’s got huge fights, huge money on the line, so once all them things are out the way, Tyson’s capable of anything. It wouldn’t surprise me if he turned round to me and said I want to go to the Olympics. It would not surprise me in the slightest. But his schedule is very tight at the moment. He’s busier than any of us at the moment,” Hennessy noted