TYSON FURY was yesterday given 10 days to clarify his medical status to the WBO or risk being stripped of their heavyweight title.

Fury was forced to withdraw from his already once-postponed rematch with Wladimir Klitschko after it was revealed he had been deemed ‘medically unfit’ to box.

He currently holds the WBA and WBO world titles after relieving Klitschko of them Last November, though has not fought since.

In a letter addressed to Fury, the WBO wrote: “We would appreciate that the physician specifically clarifies the nature and extent of your condition and your prognosis for return to training and your return to competition. If the Championship Committee does not receive the complete requested information, i.e. the Interim Certification, together with the Psychological and/or Mental Evaluation, within the allotted time frame of ten (10) days, the Committee will proceed with the necessary appropriate action without the benefit of an appeal.

“The WBO wishes you the best good fortune on a prompt and speedy recovery. We looked forward to your prompt response to assist your Committee in reaching the fairest decision for you, the top contenders in the Heavyweight Division, and your future return to complete your World Championship career.”

That means Fury has until October 5 to provide the WBO with evidence of his medical condition, or else he could lose their title.

In their letter, the WBO also outlined that they do allow for a ‘disability extension’, meaning that if Fury were able to prove that he could return to full health and be able to compete within 180 days, he would remain champion. However such an allowance can only be given by the Committee, who would base their decision on whatever medical evidence and opinion is provided from a medical professional on behalf of Fury.

However if this extension was not granted, the title would become vacant. The Committee would then decide whether to order a ‘Vacant’ championship fight or an ‘Interim’ championship fight. In the event of an ‘Interim’ champion being created, whomever wins the vacant title would be obligated to fight Fury if and when he returned to the ring. Joseph Parker is currently the WBO’s number one challenger, followed by Klitschko, Andy Ruiz and then David Haye.