Derek Williams (Former European heavyweight champion)

I am not excited at all about Conor McGregor trying his hand at boxing again. Boxing is a serious business with boxers pursuing real lifetime dreams. With McGregor it appears as if his purpose is to rip off boxing fans with a circus act. Plus, Mayweather toyed with him. He could get badly hurt by a young and hungry fighter.

Andy Clarke (Commentator)

Should he choose a sensible level of opponent – so domestic level – I’d be really interested. But should he choose to go straight back in at elite level, which he will try to, then that, for me, would make it a complete waste of everybody’s time.

Mikey Helliet (Promoter and manager)

After the huge revenue generated by the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, I’d say it’s inevitable we will see McGregor back in a boxing ring. I can’t say the idea excites me at all. McGregor looked completely out of his depth against an old version of Mayweather. I’m convinced Mayweather could have ended it pretty much any time he wanted after the second round. He played along with it until there was almost zero risk in walking through McGregor and going toe-to-toe.

Ryan Walsh (British featherweight champion)

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first go, which was a novelty act. I was hoping it would finish there but it seems it was just the beginning (KSI vs. Logan Paul is proof of that), unfortunately. Business will dictate all.

McGregor in the UFC octagon (Stephen R. Sylvanie/USA TODAY Sports/Action Images)