CARSON JONES is a tough fight, a step up, why did you decide to take it now?

He’s a bigger name [than other possible opponents]. Obviously he lost a split decision to Kell Brook, then Kell Brook beat him. He’s beaten Ben Hall. He’s fought some massive names. He’s had a lot of fights. It’s a real big step up for me and if I go and win this in good fashion, it’ll be put me right out there and put me in to some big fights.

He sets a level doesn’t he?

I need to get past him. By the time February 3 comes I’ll be in great shape. I’m already in good shape because I only had a week off after my last fight. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s the step up I need. Tony Dixon came to fight, I was levels above him. He was managing to stick in there but really and truly his corner could have pulled him out.

I dominated every round. I think everyone is starting to see how good I am. It’s just I need that sort of opponent like Carson Jones, to go and do it convincingly like that against him and if I do that, everyone’s going to realise then, my name’s going to boost right up. My ranking’s going to boost right up and the fights I’m going to be in will be massive.

Have you watched Carson Jones recently?

I watched the [Antonio] Margarito fight and I saw a lot of flaws that I can work against so hopefully it all goes well and everything I’ve worked on actually works on the night. I think it should. I’m coming on all the time. I’m improving all the time. As long as I box right I think I beat him and I move on to another level then.

Ted Cheeseman

Are you expecting the toughest fight of your career?

Yeah, you never know. You never do know. I might go out there and box astonishingly and he might not be able to get near me. But you don’t know. On paper it’s obviously the toughest night of my career and it’s the best name. Really and truly right now I don’t need these fights but I want to take these fights. This is going to get me to the places I want to get to so I’ve got to take these fights.