Paul Edwards
Former British champion

I do think he should have definitely. I think Steve Gray is normally a great ref, when he looks back on it now, he must feel gutted. I think the British Boxing Board will do the right thing and get the rematch.

Thomas Stalker
Former GB boxing captain

Yes Sheeraz should have been disqualified so a rematch is the only way forward from here.

Micky Helliet
Manager & promoter

Sheeraz was guilty of a serious breach of the rules so he should have been disqualified. It’s a shame because although I had him behind on points he seemed to be coming back into the fight.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator
Yes, but I say that with the benefit of hindsight. I was commentating from ringside and in real time I could see that Skeete had been hit late, but in that moment honestly wasn’t sure if it merited a DQ or not. Replays showed that it did but referees don’t get to watch replays.

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