DOES speed really kill power? Absolutely. And I can guarantee that I can make you punch faster.

There is nothing worse than being hit at will from someone with crazy hand speed and good footwork, when you can’t counter then because they are too fast. 

We saw a fine display of this in the last Anthony Joshua versus Andy Ruiz fight actually, when AJ utterly outboxed Ruiz and I’m hoping this weekend we will see the same with Tyson Fury versus Deontay Wilder.

A question I get asked probably more than anything else on social media is: “How do I punch faster?” After all who wouldn’t want to punch faster? No matter if you’re middle-aged lady boxing for fitness or a world champion boxer like Canelo Alvarez, if we had the choice to be able to punch faster, we would all say yes.

Once you have watched these three tips below and understand them, all you have to do is practise and practise and practise. Then practice even more. There is no secret pill to improve hand speed, but there a few methods. Watch here: