“I DON’T need the rage,” laughs Nigel Benn, a British boxing time bomb who used to set his wild explosions off in the ring.

Not too long ago Benn needed that rage. He made a career of it, lived a life of it but ultimately, with his “Dark Destroyer” moniker hung up for almost 20 years, he no longer wants it.

Benn’s fascinating path from violent gladiator to cerebral scripture-quoting counsellor has been documented, though now he lives in Sydney, Australia, away from distractions and without the glare of the British media shining so brightly upon him. He is a content, happy man.
Almost nothing can change that. Almost.

This year the 51-year-old and old rival Chris Eubank, 49 next month, have discussed having a third fight. It might settle nothing. It might not change a thing. But it excites Benn.

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