BOXING NEWS, in association with USA Today, have produced The Greatest – an 168-page Muhammad Ali tribute, documenting the incredible life and career of the recently passed legend.

This includes interviews with Ali’s most celebrated opponents, an assessment of his place in history and how he would have fared against other top heavyweights, plus exclusive imagery and so much more.

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Here is an exclusive extract in which Richard Dunn discusses sharing a ring with Muhammad Ali when they boxed in Munich in 1976: “It was a terrific night and one of the very best of my life. I enjoyed everything about it – it was exhilarating, it was exciting. The only thing is I came second, but so what? I didn’t go into the ring thinking that I’d lose even if it was at the very back of my mind.

“He was a good fighter, was Ali, the best I’ve ever seen and certainly the best I ever fought and, looking back, there was not a cat in hell’s chance of me winning – we were at different skills levels. My best chance – what I was hoping for – was to catch him with a blind one and catch him unawares. But he was always in command, despite trying my hardest. He was a much better fighter than I was.

“He was classy, he was brilliant and I loved the man.

“I still do.”

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