THE career of Miguel Cotto ends in defeat, but it also ends in injury as the 37-year-old Puerto Rican sustained a suspected ruptured tendon of the left biceps.

Cotto did not attend the post-fight press conference after losing to Sadam Ali on Saturday night in New York because he was sent straight for medical evaluation at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

It is hoped he will then be evaluated at New York City’s Hospital For Special Surgery today (Monday) and will remain in Manhattan for the rest of the week according to Hector Soto of Miguel Cotto Promotions when speaking to Carlos Narvaez of El Vocero.

“It was a break in the tendon of the biceps of his left arm and they have to operate it,” Soto said. “We do not know if the operation will be Monday or Tuesday because they will do an MRI. The only thing we can say is that we do not know how Miguel could continue fighting. Nor did he tell Freddie (Roach),” he added.

Miguel Cotto

“Miguel has a very intense pain that starts from his wrist to his shoulder. All the limb is well inflamed. He will be attended by a specialist. We believe that he was injured at a time when he tried to throw his left hook to Ali’s liver and he dodged it with his elbow. But we have not seen the fight yet. We will do it later,” said Soto.