I’M treating Jack Catterall as a massive threat because he is a massive threat. He’s a massive threat to what I’ve worked so hard to get and achieve. Let’s not forget he’s been in a mandatory position for a world title for a couple of years. So he’s going to be bringing his A game and making sure he does everything to make his and his family’s life better.

It’s my job to make sure he doesn’t get anywhere near it.

He’s a very good fighter, he’s very well rounded. We’ll wait and see what happens on February 26 but I just think I’m the better fighter. I have to go and prove it and that’s what I intend on doing.

I know what he does well and I know what I’m expecting. I’m very well prepared for whatever he brings. But whatever he does bring I’m more than ready for.

My knee’s been absolutely perfect. I couldn’t train, that’s why the fight had to be postponed. I was able to do boxing stuff but I wasn’t able to do anything else, I wasn’t able to do running, my S&C. I got a good specialist on it and everything sorted itself out. I’ve been flying since I came back from Las Vegas.

I’ve had loads of sparring partners in. I’ve had loads of different types of southpaws in. I’ve had young pros coming in, I’ve had experienced pros coming in and I’ve had slightly heavier guys than me coming in that are similar to Jack’s style. I’m very well prepared and I’ve been using good sparring partners. I can’t wait to put it all into practice.

It’s the right time, I’ve got a good platform backing me to take me to the next level, take my profile to the next level and get a little more well known within the public. It’s come at the right time, it’s come at the perfect part of my career so I’m happy that Sky Sports and obviously Top Rank are working together and I’m on platforms both here and in the USA. I’m happy that I’ve got the biggest platform in the UK to back me and show my fights now.

Josh Taylor fights
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I don’t live for it but it’s good to be appreciated and get acknowledged as well. I just go about my business. I’ve been doing it with my fists, doing it with my boxing, I let the boxing do the talking.

I find everybody irritating that I’m going to fight. Catterall is a good guy but I’m not going to be friends with him, I want to beat him up. I respect him, he respects me and that’s the way it should always be. I’m always pumped up for a fight. I’m ready to go. I’m also very calm and relaxed and in control of my emotions. I know it seems like I’m hot headed but I’m not. I’m very much in control of my emotions. In fight week I just get really in the mood for a fight!

I’m very focused. I’m very focused on what the job is. The crowd does lift you that extra couple of percent. But they’re not the ones throwing the punches. You’ve got to remain focused on the job but they do definitely help. They do definitely keep your spirits high. But you’re focused on the job ahead, you can’t afford to lose any focus. You’re focused on what’s in front of you.

Getting the job done is the most important thing. Get the job done, get the right result, then enjoy the atmosphere, then you can enjoy all the things afterwards. It’s a job and I’m very professional and I’m focused on doing the job and getting the right result.

I’m going to do a job. I’m going to a job on him.