IS Floyd Mayweather really plotting an unexpected venture into mixed martial arts and the UFC?

He has used social media to float the prospect. He tweeted a picture of himself wearing UFC MMA gloves in a fighting pose and captioned it ‘Billion Dollar Man.’ He also put out a video of himself standing in an Octagon, where he asked, “What are the odds?”

It seems unlikely, even though Mayweather did tempt UFC star Conor McGregor into a vastly lucrative boxing match last year. Mayweather halted McGregor but the two have been taking public swipes at each other since.

That result took Mayweather’s boxing record to 50-0 and presumably he feels he has nothing left to prove in a boxing ring. MMA might, possibly, be a different matter, although, even if it would amass another fortune, the thought of Mayweather fighting in another sport has to be greeted with a healthy dose of scepticism.

Manchester star Ricky Hatton, a former Mayweather opponent, for one thinks it would be a terrible idea. “As if he didn’t f*** things up in the boxing ring,” Hatton said. “What’s he going to do?

“Mayweather fighting McGregor didn’t do our sport any good. What’s this going to do?”

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