ARE there universal truths to boxing? Does the good big man always beat the good small man? Can a fight as richly intriguing as tomorrow’s clash at the Manchester Arena possibly be so simple? Or will it be energy, youth and conditioning versus size, power and experience? The George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr weigh in today at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester served a reminder of the physical differences between the two men.

Groves is taller, wan perhaps at cutting down to make weight, but focused and clearly determined to defend his WBA super-middleweight crown.

Eubank as ever is in magnificent shape. He’s been eating up to the weight and, by the looks of him, has been training ferociously hard to challenge Groves. He stood on the scales, gloves over his fists and made 167.6lbs.

Groves may have the larger frame but he was 167.1lbs.

George Groves vs Chris Eubank Jr weigh in

The two turned to each other after they weighed in, to complete a last, intense face off. Glaring at one another, this is the last time either man will see his opponent until tomorrow, when they step into the ring, under the lights and finally fight.