IT was all planned and I couldn’t have asked for any more from Tyson Fury in his victory last Saturday over Wladimir Klitschko. The movements, the taunting with his hands behind his back, it was all part of the gameplan. Tyson needed to show a very relaxed mindset, the antidote to Klitschko, who is very controlled. We knew by halfway that it was working. It was a chess match but Tyson was getting the better of it. We was in control, Tyson was boxing to orders perfectly. A lot of people expected what they saw in Tyson’s last fight but we’ve always said he’ll show something different. His movement was exceptional, the feints, it was all very good technical stuff. We assessed it right, he carried it out to perfection.

The things we forced them to change definitely played a part; the canvas was on the on verge of [being regarded as] cheating. John Rees QC, the British Boxing Board of Control Chairman, was there and he he said that, in 44 years in boxing, he’d never seen a canvas as bad. If they had not relaid it, the fight would have been off. We’d had the gloves remedied. They gave us terrible ones at the start with the thumb stuck out over an inch and Tyson kept catching his thumbs. Then with the wrapping [Klitschko’s] hands [without an observer from the Fury camp] in the changing rooms, it’s all part of the games that get played. I’m not a man to play games. We thought, ‘If these people are up to all this, they can’t be that confident.’ Once we got it all stripped down, they must have been uncomfortable.

I’m over the moon, ecstatic. This victory means everything to me because it’s my family.