Which is best to add to your kit?

In a lot of online forums you’ll find people asking the question again and again as they start the sport, “Are hook-and-loop or lace-up boxing gloves better?’ Or perhaps, ‘What’s the difference between lace-up and hook-and-loop gloves?’

If you’re a beginner looking to buy your first pair or want a definitive guide to share with another boxer, you’re in the right place.

Here’s everything you need to know about the difference between the two and which is best depending on who you are as a boxer.

Hook and loop gloves

Hook and loop boxing gloves are secured on the hand by strips of thin sheets of hooks and loops that when pressed together, fasten, and stay together.

They’re very easy and quick to put on and provide a good fit to protect your hands when boxing and as a result, are the go-to choice of many boxers, from beginners to more advanced sports professionals.


  • Very quick to put on and take of for training
  • Requires no help to put on and take off
  • There are different styles for different levels of support


  • Less wrist support than lace up gloves
  • Less padding around the wrist
  • Can scratch opponents

Who are they best for?

The main benefit if their ease of use, which puts them in the top sport for beginners and anyone that’s doing a quick training session. They’re also generally cheaper than lace up alternatives.

Over time hook and loop straps do become less effective and can lose grip. This is something to watch out for as your always need secure gloves with a good fit.

Lace up gloves

Lace up boxing gloves have been available for longer than their hook and loop counterparts and are traditionally made from leather, meaning they can be more expensive.

They work by securing the glove onto your hand from a single lace crossing that sits over the wrist, which when pulled tightly provides a close fit.


  • They provide a secure fit for good protection
  • The fastening cannot scratch opponents
  • Often the wrist area is padded, providing more comfort


  • Typically, you’ll need a second person to help you put the gloves on
  • They take longer to put on than lace and hoop gloves
  • In competitions you may need to tape up the lace so they don’t cut opponents

Who are they best for?

They’re for boxers who want the benefit of a secure, tight fit and durable gloves, who don’t mind that they take longer to put on, or that a second person might be needed. They’re more for competitions where trainers and staff are present, rather than training.

As you may need another person to help put them on, they aren’t ideal for day-to-day training where you may go to the gym alone or just want a quick session.


In essence, it comes down to personal preference and how you’re using your gloves. Ideally, you’d have both for different occasions. As a general rule, invest in hook and loop for training and when you know you won’t have anyone to help you put them on, and lace ups when you require an even more secure fit and will have help on hand.

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