When and why you started boxing:
I was 23, I’d just finished university where I studied music and I wanted to get fit again. I found the normal gyms quite boring and wanted to get back into combat sports.

Favourite all-time fighter:
It’s got to be Arturo Gatti. It doesn’t matter where or who he was fighting, he always put on a show. He is the boxer I would most like to be like.

Best fight you’ve seen:
One of my favourites is Errol Spence-Shawn Porter. I watch that one back all the time.

Personal career highlight:
Making history for my country by becoming Scotland’s first ever female world [IBO] champion.

Toughest opponent:
Claressa Shields. She’s got fantastic use of distance and ring generalship. You think you’re out of range but she’s very, very quick. Some might expect me to say Savannah Marshall but I was in that fight until I got injured. I was never really in it against Shields.

Best and worst attributes as a boxer:
My best has to be my tenacity, I am determined to find a way to make things work. And my worst? Probably impatience! I can be impatient to do something in the ring or even to learn something.

Training tip:
To get a really good team around you. One that pushes you to achieve your best, who is always there and who have your best interests at heart.

Favourite meal/restaurant:
Anything Vietnamese. I always vary what I have, I couldn’t pick one dish, that would be unfair!

Best friends in boxing:
Ellie Scotney, Claressa Shields and Sandy Ryan. We all talk a lot.

Other sportsperson you would like to be:
Laura Muir who just won silver at the Olympics in the 1500 metres. She has this incredible fifth gear that she brings out of nowhere.

Last film/TV show you saw:
Prodigal Son. It is really good, with some clever dark humour.

Who would play you in a film of your life:
I’d like Natalie Portman to play me. She’s very cool.

Have you ever been starstruck:
I blushed when I met Andre Ward, I was so excited to meet him. And when I was first introduced to Anthony Joshua, I squeaked, then I walked into a door. Mortifying!

Best advice received:
The harder you work the luckier you become. From Gary Jacobs.

Worst rumour about yourself:
That I’m not actually Scottish.

Something nobody knows about you:
When I was a kid I wanted to be an archaeologist because I wanted to find an Egyptian mummy.