NEGOTIATIONS are taking place today that could see Chris Eubank Jr challenge Gennady Golovkin, the holder of the WBC, WBA and IBF middleweight titles, in his next fight in September.

After defending the British middleweight title against Tom Doran on Saturday (June 25), Eubank Jr is adamant he can go straight into a fight with “GGG”.

“My training camp for Golovkin has started. This is the beginning stages of my training camp for the Golovkin fight,” Chris said. “I don’t have a nine to five. I have a 24/7.”

He noted, “Listen, Tom Doran is not Gennady Golovkin, everything I’m doing now has to be upped, everything has to be pinpoint. You can’t go into a fight like that unless you’re 100%. If anything I was 50% today. By the time I get to Golovkin I will be 100%.”

Eubank is firm in his confidence, promising “more showboating” against the world champion. “Why not? I’m not a conventional fighter, you guys know this by now. The way to beat somebody like Golovkin is to do things unconventionally. What am I going to do, do everything the same as all the other guys he’s been in the ring with? You’ve got to do something different so I’ve got a nice few little tricks up my sleeve,” Chris said. “That’s what he relies on, is his power. I can take a shot. That’s why I’m not worried about stepping into the ring with this man.

“His last fight he was letting the guy hit him, which is interesting. I hope he does the same for me.

“He’s not indestructible, he’s not the bogeyman, whatever you guys want to call him. He has two arms, two legs and a heartbeat just like me. I can and I will beat him.”

On Golovkin, Eddie Hearn, Eubank’s promoter, said, “He’s ready to sign. We’ve just got to make sure the deal and the terms are right for Junior. Listen, there’s no one queuing up to fight Gennady Golovkin.”

Meetings were due to take place on Monday but making the fight isn’t expected to be easy. “If this fight doesn’t happen it’s because of Sky,” said Chris Eubank Sr, who’s closely involved with his son’s career. “Eddie’s done his job, we are ready to sign, Sky have to make sure the deal works for Britain’s fighter, Britain’s British champion… The first dollar should always drop to the fighter.”

Promoter Eddie Hearn qualified, “I would say, as in all deals, everyone’s got to be happy.”