ROY JONES JNR and Floyd Mayweather are widely considered to be two of the greatest fighters in recent history. Both have sat atop the mythical pound-for-pound rankings, but Roy Jones Jnr has had his say on Mayweather’s impact outside the ring.

Speaking exclusively to Boxing News, the former four-weight world champion claimed his previous fights provided more talking points than Mayweather’s.

“When I boxed, it would give you something to talk about,” he said.

“When he [Mayweather] fights, people talk about how bad they feel about spending their money to watch him fight. They don’t talk about what he did in the ring.

“He wins, which is good, but all people can say is ‘he won.’ But you can’t say he won in spectacular fashion, or he won by doing something nobody else is doing. He doesn’t get hit, that’s all we can say. It’s limited, what you can say.”

“When I fought, you had something to talk about for weeks after. When anyone else fought – unless there’s a spectacular knockout – what else is there to talk about? Do guys put hands behind their backs? No. Do guys throw six or seven hooks at a time? No. Do guys throw 40-punch combinations? No.

“We have different styles. My style, you can talk about something I did in the ring that night that you’ll talk about for weeks, not just the fact I won.”

Though he is still an active fighter, the 46-year-old also trains several fighters, including WBA super-middleweight ‘world’ champion Fedor Chudinov, who faces Frank Buglioni on Saturday [September 26].

Buglioni’s team had recently “begged” for Chudinov to throw his notorious right hand, claiming Frank would stop Fedor should he try and land it, and Roy, who has only been working with the Russian for four weeks, insists he knows why.

“Frank is a very good fighter, he has a very good jab, he’s very strong, throws good combinations. He’s a very good all round fighter. Make no mistake, nobody is underestimating him,” he noted.

“For me, I know why they were begging Fedor to throw the right hand, and I fixed that problem, I saw it straight away and fixed it.

“I haven’t changed his style, I just added a few things defensively and offensively. I didn’t have enough time with him to change things, so I added things here and there and told him to do certain things less.”