RELATIONS between Showtime, the US broadcast giant, and promoter Eddie Hearn have publicly soured. It’s a surprise, considering that Showtime have televised the recent fights of Anthony Joshua, whom Hearn promotes. But tensions have become apparent since negotiations to match Joshua with Deontay Wilder this year collapsed.

The breakdown of those talks is described in detail HERE, and Hearn has discussed the issues publicly. Espinoza took to Twitter to make a series of points. “Hate to interrupt with actual facts, but: 1. Wilder did offer mutually acceptable security, which could include a guarantee. 2. Wilder did send a detailed term sheet and you acknowledged receipt. Both were in writing and easily verifiable. You didn’t respond substantively to either,” he wrote.

Espinoz added, “Deontay has something more important than a contract: LOYALTY. You familiar with the concept? Didn’t think so.”

Which indicates a degree of frustration from Showtime, who might well see Joshua move to new US streaming service DAZN. Hearn told Boxing News that DAZN might even have got the Joshua-Wilder fight. “They probably would have done. So maybe he’s just got the hump,” he said.

DAZN Showtime

DAZN have signed a significant deal with Hearn and Matchroom Boxing USA. Hearn also emphasised that Espinoza has revealed a substantive point. “He confirmed that Wilder’s not under contract with Showtime. Which a lot of people have already texted me saying, ‘Oh my God, how did you get him to say that?’ It wasn’t intentional. So he doesn’t have Anthony Joshua or Deontay Wilder under contract. So why is he sticking his nose in?”