DERECK CHISORA is a rare character. His public workout at Spitalfields Market in London on Wednesday didn’t see him doing any training though he did throw out boxing gloves to the crowd and encourage spectators to take part in a press up competition. He also unveiled a new trainer, Steve Broughton.

After splitting from Dave Coldwell, he has linked up with young trainer Broughton who’s previously worked with David Haye, Chisora’s current manager. Broughton has been in camp with Carl Frampton at Shane McGuigan’s gym in the past as well. But when Chisora fights David Price at the O2 on Saturday (October 26) it will be Steve’s first fight in the corner as the lead trainer.

“Dereck could have worked with anyone he wanted to. It’s a privilege for me, it’s a good opportunity for me and I’m grateful and I’m going to take it all in and do my best,” Broughton told Boxing News. “All is really good in camp, we haven’t had any issues. It’s been good.”

“I’ve been very fortunate,” he continued. “I’ve got to be around the McGuigans, brilliant experience, Carl Frampton, he’s a two-weight world champion, Josh Taylor obviously he’s in a massive fight on Saturday. So it’s been great learning from these types of people, Ismael Salas, Joe Joyce and those guys after I moved on from McGuigans. I’ve been around those guys.”

“I’m just trying to pick up as much as I can,” he adds. “Now obviously it’s time to apply that.”

He has though only had a limited time to establish a bond with Chisora as a trainer. “He listens pretty well. He does what you ask, as a trainer you can’t ask for any more than that,” Broughton said. “He’s looking great, he’s in good shape, he listens in the corner, which is important. Now it’s just time to put it all together.”

“I think he’s been around and I’m sure he’s seen it all before and he’s got a pretty close relationship with David [Haye] nowadays. Obviously that wasn’t always the case,” he added. “I used to work with David and David was trusting enough to give me the opportunity and I started working with Dereck.

“I just get on with it. Talking to people is not really my thing. Because I’ve been a second all the time I’m used to being in the background and getting on with it. It’s a little bit different but it ultimately doesn’t change the job that you’re doing. All the focus has still been on getting prepared.”

Dereck Chisora
Action Images/Reuters/Tony O’Brien

He is also convinced that Chisora has the right style to defeat David Price. “I definitely think his style is the right approach for Price,” Broughton said. “I think Dereck’s the man to do what he does and hopefully take it to David Price and get the win on Saturday.

“I haven’t worked with him for a long period of time. So it’s not like I’m trying to make huge changes to his style or anything. Firstly there’s not that amount of time. Secondly when Dereck’s on form he’s a very, very hard guy to fight. Very awkward, he can cause a lot of problems. I’ve been just focusing on refining the things he’s good at. We know how Dereck fights, his name is War Chisora. He comes to bring a bit of drama.”