THE RESULT: Bringing more and more stardust each time he fights, Liam Davies tonight (March 16) dazzled once again when stopping Erik Robles inside two rounds in Birmingham. The stoppage arrived at the one minute and 17 seconds mark of the second round, with Robles dropped twice and left in a heap beneath the bottom rope on account of the second of the two knockdowns. To say the finish was decisive would be an understatement. Likewise, to say Davies was impressive would be an understatement.

KEY MOMENTS: A beautiful punch-picker with, at times, frightening accuracy, Davies displayed this ability in round two, dropping Robles not once but twice. The first of these knockdowns was produced by a wonderful right uppercut Davies threw while on the retreat; therefore doubling the impact of it as Robles steamed forward and failed to see it coming. The second knockdown, meanwhile, was achieved with Robles up against the ropes, wounded and on unsteady legs, and would see Davies throw a straight cross followed by a short left hook.

RECORDS: Davies, 27, moves his pro record to 16-0 (8), while Robles, 23, falls to 15-2 (9).

TALKING POINT: Often what elevates fighters in the lower weight classes is an ability to finish fights and provide entertainment. In Liam Davies, you get both the possibility of a finish and a certain style along with it. His last three fights, in fact, have all been wrapped up inside the distance and this, while something we might take for granted when watching boxers above featherweight, is no mean feat for a super-bantamweight. What is more, an ability to end fights the way Davies ends fights makes fans far more inclined to take the time to watch him when they know he is appearing in the ring.

QUOTABLE: “It’s a blessing, man,” said Davies. “I’ve had a great fan base from the start. You can see and hear them tonight. Respect to Erik Robles; I’ve beaten a proper champion there. He’s been out sparring (Naoya) Inoue and has beaten some good fighters. This is the start of a massive 2024.”

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Although in winning tonight Davies landed the IBO super-bantamweight belt, one hopes he has ambitions to go higher and will come to realise that tonight’s belt should not represent his “world” title. Because on the evidence we have seen so far Davies has the ability to go much further than where he currently finds himself. Indeed, even far-fetched talk of him fighting the terrifying Naoya Inoue doesn’t seem quite so far-fetched when you see the Telford man chop down opponents the way he did tonight in Birmingham.