I think right now the heavyweights are going to be very interesting because of all the titles getting a split around. There are going to be more champions, and that’s what the fans always like because for many years it was all one person. I’m looking forward to see what is going to be happening in the heavyweight division.

I respect all of my opponents. Anybody who steps into the ring is doing a very good job. As far as [Charles Martin] as a boxer, what can I say? He’s a big dude. He’s a southpaw. I soak up all of his videos. He’s not the standard guy. He’s not a normal guy, but that’s why I’m picking up my sparring partners. That’s why I’m working and preparing for the fighting.

I’m not going to be saying that I’m going to knock him out. I’m not going to be aiming to knock him out. I’m just going to be fighting and showing everybody my good skills with boxing. If it’s a knockout coming, it’s going to come.