A BOXER’S training camp requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication to ensure a fighter is ready technically, physically and mentally for an upcoming fight. However, all this toil and commitment can easily be squandered if they fail to sufficiently and correctly fuel themselves in the hours between the weigh-in and the beginning of the fight. This means that what you consume within this short period of time can go a long way towards determining whether you win or lose.

The amount of time between when you weigh in and when you fight can differ between bouts with some weigh-ins on the day of a fight (which is the case for most amateur fights) whilst others have up to 36 hours between weighing in and fighting (more common in the professional setting). Therefore, nutritional strategies should be individualised for each fighter depending on the available time between weighing in and fighting. Other factors such as the number and duration of rounds should also be considered when devising your pre-fight nutritional strategy as those who are undertaking less rounds with a shorter duration may not need as much energy as those completing 12 rounds of three minutes’ duration, and so may not need to consume as much food.

I have therefore provided five simple tips below that should be recommended for fuelling the body with enough of the right type of energy in preparation for a fight.

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Marc Fell BSc (hons), MSc
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