QUEENSBERRY PROMOTIONS say that the Zhilei Zhang-Joe Joyce rematch will take place in September.

However, Terry Lane, manager to the Chinese heavyweight did not commit as far as that when Boxing News reached out to both parties.

Back in April Zhang established himself as a genuine contender when he stopped the seemingly unstoppable ‘Juggernaut’ in seven rounds.

The upset win put Zhang in the mix for a shot at Tyson Fury, but Joyce chose to activate a rematch clause allowing him another opportunity to defeat ‘Big Bang’.

Recent reports and speculation have revealed that the return bout is set for September 2 in London.

BN contacted Lane for comment.

“Lots of details to work out, but headed in that direction,” he said.

Zhang’s win tied him to a multi-fight deal with Queensberry who also represent Joyce, Fury as well as Daniel Dubois in the heavyweight top 15. Joyce already holds a win over Dubois, but it is the young powerhouse who will get first crack at a belt when he faces Oleksandr Usyk on August 26 in Poland.

Queensberry CEO George Warren was more conclusive in his response to BN regarding the Zhang-Joyce rematch.

“No details to work on. Joyce activated rematch and it will be happening on a date TBC in September in the UK.”

In a recent interview on BT Sport Boxing’s Chatterbox show Joyce admitted to being surprised by how good Zhang actually was.

“He’s very quick and accurate with his punches and he’s no mug. He’s a very good fighter, he was just so quick. He’s a very good southpaw and he was just landing the shots at will really. I perhaps wasn’t prepared enough for him.

“I think I can beat him but that performance I didn’t really get it right on the night. I’m sure I can beat him.”

Zhang, however, believes Joyce lacks self-belief and the New Jersey resident is looking for a more spectacular ending if they meet once again.

“Boxing is such a science. How much can a fighter change in such a short period of time? I don’t know. Maybe he made minor adjustments, but I don’t think about that,” he told Boxing News a few days ago.

“I don’t think Joe has that much confidence to be honest. If I knock him out in the second fight, I believe the boxing world will look at me completely differently.”

Should Joyce even the score in September it will be the same month that the Londoner celebrates his 38th birthday. Zhang turned 40 last month.