ENGLAND emerged from the finals of the European Schoolboy championships on July 4 in Keszthely, Hungary with two gold medals. Adam Hussain triumphed at 38.5kgs and John Johnstone (pictured) won the tournament at 59kgs.
“All of the England team are to be congratulated on their ring performances in an extremely tough championship, winning 13 of the 18 bouts they contested, with all boxers picking up at least one victory,” said manager Martin Webb. “These results from the youngest age range that contest major tournaments indicate England Boxing has a great future ahead.”

RESULTS (Four Nations):

38.5: ADAM HUSSAIN (England) outpd Alexander Tanko (Slovakia) unan, HUSSAIN outpd Brandon McCarthy (Ireland) split, HUSSAIN outpd Petar Yordanov (Bulgaria) unan, HUSSAIN outpd Renato Rostas (Hungary) unan. 40: JAMES PROBERT (Wales) outpd Eray Mustu (Turkey) unan, LUKE HURLEY (Ireland) outpd Semjon Kamanin (Estonia) unan, PROBERT outpd Sebastian Alucai (Romania) unan, ARTUR DAVYDENKO (Ukraine) outpd Hurley unan, NIKITA GOLOVKIN (Russia) outpd Probert unan. 41.5: BRANDON O’BRIEN (Ireland) outpd Rudolf Palencar (Slovakia) unan, O’BRIEN outpd Fedor Michel (Germany) unan, ALEXANDR FEDOTOV (Russia) outpd O’Brien unan. 43: JAMIE JANES (Wales) outpd Liubomir Bodiu (Romania) unan, RUSLAN FOMCHANKA (Belarus) outpd Janes split. 44.5: HENRY TURNER (England) Lorcan Hurley (Ireland) unan, Turner outpd by DANIL UTKEVICH (Russia) split. 46: JAHMAL KHAN (England) outpd Hazan Gezik (Turkey) unan, BARRY McREYNOLDS (Ireland) outpd Roman Konecny (Czech Republic) unan, KHAN outpd Yoncho Markov (Bulgaria) unan, McREYNOLDS outpd Khan unan, TIBERIUS BARBOSA (Hungary) outpd McReynolds unan. 48: JORDAN WITHERS (Wales) outpd David Kharmats (Israel) unan, MICHAEL DELANEY (Ireland) outpd Gradus Kraus (Holland) unan, DELANEY outpd Withers unan, TARAS BONDARCHUK (Ukraine) outpd Delaney split. 50: Johnny Pezzinga (Italy) outpd Ieuan Farrer (Wales) unan, JAKE HENTY (England) outpd Oruc Ozer (Germany) unan, VADIM KUDIN (Russia) outpd Seamus Mongan (Ireland) unan, MAHDI JALLAW (Denmark) outpd Henty split. 52: JAMES McMEEKIN (England) outpd Conal Ross (Ireland) unan, OLEG ZHARKOV (Russia) outpd Rhys Edwards (Wales) unan, ARMANDO ROSTAS (Hungary) outpd McMeekin split. 54: METIN TOP (Turkey) outpd Crimea Jenkins (Wales) split, JERRY MONGON (England) outpd Paraic McDonagh (Ireland) unan, EMIN KHATAYEV (Russia) outpd Mongon split. 56: PIERCE O’LEARY (Ireland) outpd Artur Tuniyev (Belarus) split, CONNAH JONES (Wales) outpd Filip Knor (Czech) unan, OLAXANDR TRUTNEV (Ukraine) outpd O’Leary split, VYACHESLAV LETOVALTSEV (Russia) outpd Jones unan. 59: JOHN JOHNSTONE (England) stpd Levente Kallos (Hungary) 1st, JOHNSTONE outpd Sean Dempsey (Ireland) unan, JOHNSTONE outpd Gasan Maomedi (Russia) split, JOHNSTONE w/o. 62: KANE TUCKER (Ireland) outpd David Koczian (Hungary) unan, EDGARD TSAMBOV (Russia) outpd Tucker unan. 65: KRISZTIAN GABRISCH (Hungary) outpd Nathan Rogers (Ireland) unan. 68: RENATO BUDAI (Hungary) outpd Tommy Duffy (Ireland) unan. 72: ANDREY LYULYAKOV (Russia) stpd Dylan Cadwell (Ireland) 1st. 76: KIRILO KOLESNIK (Ukraine) stpd Michael Walsh (Ireland) 1st. 76&: TOM GAVIN (Ireland) outpd Jan Kurucz (Slovakia) split, PETAR ASENOV (Bulgaria) outpd Gavin unan.

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