TYSON FURY’S hearing with UKAD casts a long shadow over his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. After facing doping allegations Tyson’s suspension from competing was lifted, although he still has to go before hearing. However that won’t take place until after the fight on October 29. It therefore leaves an unanswered question hanging over the fight.

“How can this drag on since last year?” asked Wladimir’s manager Bernd Boente. ”That is something I honestly don’t understand.”

He continued, “We are not involved in this whole thing. The only thing that we made sure in the agreement for this fight with the other side, we wanted to secure Wladimir for his safety and insisted on VADA random testing.”

Klitschko himself wouldn’t dwell on the issue. “I don’t care. This is not my business,” he said. “It’s in the contract both sides will need to go through random testing. Perfect. It’s good. In general my opinion about doping in sport is negative. It’s just no go, especially in boxing because this is about actually winning by beating someone. My opinion is extremely negative with anything in regard to doping in sport in general especially in boxing.

“As a professional athlete this is my 20th year, I’ve been tested during the 20 years of my career all the time.”

The former world champion explained, “I don’t want to lose my focus or anything else. It’s all secondary. Whatever it is. I’m doing my part, my part I’m going to do the tests and my training and preparing and everything else is not in my hands.”