SHANE McGUIGAN, the trainer of former world champion David Haye, shared his analysis of the heavyweight division with Boxing News. His view is that Anthony Joshua could beat Wladimir Klitschko, would beat Tyson Fury but would lose to the man Shane trains, David Haye.

“He’s had one bad performance,” Shane said of Klitschko. “I thought he got old over night but he’s so desperate to fight Fury again and why would you be desperate if you were doubting yourself. He’s an intelligent man. He’s not silly. If he was sliding, he’ll acknowledge that. I think he trained on a canvas that was unrealistic. I think when they changed the canvas, it might have messed up his timing. I don’t know, he could have a lot more in the tank than people give him credit for. It’s a risky fight for Joshua, he punches a heck of a lot harder than Dillian Whyte that’s for sure. But he punches straight.

“Joshua has got good vision straight down the pipe because he’s come from an amateur pedigree where everyone’s throwing quick fast punches down the pipe but Dillian Whyte hit him with a big clubbing left hook and you can see he [Joshua] drops his right hand to throw his own right hand, every time he throws his jab his right hand comes down and he throws everything chest height. So coming round the side of it is key, to come round the side at Anthony Joshua but at the same time you’re going to take something straight down the pipe. It’s interesting. I just think somebody with good calibre, head movement is going to give him nightmares.”

While McGuigan also thinks Joshua could defeat Klitschko’s conqueror, Tyson Fury. “I think Joshua beats Fury, styles make fights,” Shane said, adding, “I think David beats Joshua.”

He continued, “Wladimir has designed a style where he has to get over the top of people. If he misses with his jab or he misses with his right hand, he’s on top of them and he’s able to press down on them, like he did with David Haye. That [Fury fight] is the first time he’s really been punching up. He punched level height against [Kubrat] Pulev, Pulev is the same sort of height, but that’s the first time he’s really had to punch up in a long time.”

He explained why he thought Anthony would beat Tyson Fury. “I think Joshua will be too athletic. I think he takes a decent enough shot and I don’t think Fury’s a one-punch knockout artist. Joshua would keep going into him and just keep punching with him and I know he had a lot of success sparring him. I don’t think he’s very fearful of Tyson Fury.”

But McGuigan continued, “He’s fearful of David Haye. It’s uncertainty. How can you prepare for a David Haye? You can prepare for a Klitschko, you can get in high calibre amateur guys like that [Ivan] Dychko or you can bring in the Croatian guy [Filip Hrgovic] who has nice and quick feet, long straight shots. There’s nobody you can really prepare for David, unless you spar cruisers that have got really good head movement and are awkward. It’s interesting – big hooks, quick, I think he’s the most dangerous opponent out there for Joshua.”