Dave Coldwell
Trains Hopey Price

Hopey Price. I’m not even being biased. He ticks every box. His mentality is such a game changer as far as prospects are concerned. His brain works in a different way to anybody that I’ve ever met before. Outside of my gym, Pat McCormack. I think he’s outstanding.

Chris Billam-Smith
European champion

I’ll say someone outside of our gym so I don’t seem biased. I’ll go with Dalton Smith. I’ve seen him spar in our gym with Luke Campbell and he is a real talent. Excited to watch his career unfold.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

Galal Yafai. He has everything. A 10-rounder for his debut and you need to hold him back as he could fight for a world title next.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Dalton Smith. I saw him box in the WSB finals in 2016; it was one of his first few senior bouts and over five rounds he gave Yasniel Toledo, a top Cuban, a really good fight. Ever since then I’ve believed he’s got the ability to go far and I haven’t changed my mind.