Ensure you’re using the right punch bag/speed ball for your training goals.

Working on your punches – power, speed, technique, footwork – is an essential part of training. You want to be able to hit hard, fast with accuracy, for sparring and competitions and there are different punch bags to help you with this. Here, we’ll run through the main types and what they’re good for:

Speed Balls

Use a speed ball to focus on hand eye coordination and conditioning. They’re light and fast and force you to have quick reactions. You can inflate them to different degrees and the more air you put in, the faster it’ll respond to being hit. If you’re a beginner, choose the regular size ball, as the peanut or small sizes are harder to hit but all in all they’re a great learning curve and can be used at all levels as you progress.

Uppercut or Maize Bags

Smaller bags or balls like the maize range are designed for combination punches such as hooks, uppercuts and jabs and are used by amateurs and pros to perfect their technique. As combos are incredibly important to win fights, it’s ideal for competition training; work to increase the speed of combos for an advantage. Uppercut or angle bags offer the same punch style combinations as the Maize bags or balls but on a much larger scale of bag.

Light Bags

In the 20kg to 30kg weight range, light bags are for building precision and speed and can make for longer workouts when compared to heavy bags, as they are generally less tiring and ideal for home use or beginners. Most boxers will train jabs, crosses, blocks, and footwork with a light bag.

Heavy or Jumbo Bags

Heavier bags provide high intensity, difficult workouts and offer more resistance. The bag swings less, but when it does you have to be quick on your feet to land punches. They are ideal for strength training and working on more powerful punches. Expect weights of 40kg upwards for a heavy bag.

Leather, Synthetic Leather or Canvas?

For most this will come down to cost. Leather bags have a natural feel and are incredibly durable. As a result, they come at a premium price. They’re a long term investment. Synthetic Leather or Canvas on the other hand are more affordable and also great for endurance training and have come a long way over the past few years with regards to the quality of the material. Both are available as free standing or hanging bags.

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