Dave Coldwell
Top trainer

It’s potentially not as straightforward as what a lot of people might think. Buatsi gets hit with right hands. Richards is very awkward, very effective and he’s got a decent right hand on him. When it comes down to business, Buatsi’s very, very vicious. He’s a fast starter and Craig Richards can be a slow starter. I think Buatsi.

Chris Billam-Smith
European champion

I predict a great fight. Richards now has the experience at world level, Buatsi has also gained experience in his last fight. I’m sitting on the fence! Both gentlemen, both great fighters.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

I favour Buatsi by decision. I know a few who’ve seen them spar and said Richards disrupted his rhythm. I expect it to be a technical and physical fight.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

Buatsi by late stoppage. It’s a good fight for both men. I rate Richards highly, he’s a good all-round fighter and mentally strong. But Buatsi is special. This is the perfect stage for him to demonstrate that and I believe he will.