Barry Jones
Analyst & former belt-holder

He showed that he’s got loads of bottle. There’s so many good fights for him. Have a bit of time off, keep working on what he was working on before and coming back against someone like Andy Ruiz would be a great fight for him. The only reason I haven’t mentioned Joshua and Usyk is they’re having to fight again.

Darren Barker
Analyst & former belt-holder

It depends on his desire. He’s earned millions. But because of the nature of the way he fights, the way he approaches fights, he’s always going to be a big draw. He’s just come up against his nemesis. I don’t think rebuilding Wilder is that difficult. I would still like to see him against Anthony Joshua.

Paul Ready
Boxing manager

Deontay Wilder is an interesting one. I wouldn’t mind seeing him against Andy Ruiz, a kind of in-house PBC match-up that’s easy to do. Him against Dillian Whyte would be a great fight. But Wilder against Ruiz is a natural fight for them to make.

Andy Clarke
Boxing commentator

After consecutive stoppage defeats, he needs to rebuild with a comfortable win. I know top fighters don’t tend to do that now but he should. That’s assuming he doesn’t retire, which I don’t think he will, and I hope he doesn’t, because he continues to be terrific for the division.

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