Stacey Copeland
Former Commonwealth champion

It’s hard to say what a fighter should do next, as it’s their career and depends on their motives and the legacy they want to leave; however, there are still lots of options for Canelo. The trilogy with GGG has been talked about most, and given his recent win, maybe that will happen.

Paul Smith
Former British champion

I think Canelo should rematch. He didn’t look himself and tactically they got it wrong. He doesn’t belong at light-heavy, and the win against an ageing Kovalev flattered him. I’d usually say go back to 168lbs but for him it’s about legacy, not correcting that loss would damage his fantastic career.

Micky Helliet
Manager & promoter

Canelo should cement his legacy at light-heavy and unify. There are weight divisions for a reason. I can understand the need to find new challenges but Canelo just isn’t big enough for cruiser. I think he should go to his strongest weight. He might find it tough making 168lbs, especially if he went to cruiser.

Declan Taylor
Sports reporter

I would press on with the GGG fight in September: A big sell, another huge night, a fight he will win. Then look for the Bivol rematch to settle his score when the confidence is back up and he’s raring to go again.

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