FEW have had as punishing a recent run as Kell Brook. He leapt up two divisions to challenge destructive middleweight puncher Gennady Golovkin. The Kazakh halted him in five rounds. Brook returned to welterweight only to lose his IBF world title to quality American Errol Spence. Brook fractured his eye socket, the same injury that he endured against ‘GGG’ only on the other side.

Promoter Eddie Hearn revealed plans for Brook’s comeback. “He’s back training,” Hearn told Boxing News.

“He really took the loss bad against Errol Spence. Really bad. The Golovkin fight was always one against the head and he got a lot of respect out of that fight. A lot of actual support and the Spence fight was a really tough fight to take on the chin. Of course [with] the criticism about him quitting in the fight, when he broke his eye socket, I think only now he’s back in his rhythm and now we’re looking at end of November, early December coming back.”

kell brook

It is currently unclear against what kind of opponent and at what weight Brook would return. “I want him to come back at 154lbs,” Hearn explained. “I think we need a good solid fight at light-middleweight. He’s not going to come back against [Miguel] Cotto, it’s not going to happen unless we get asked. If we want to do that fight in the States then it’s up to Kell. I never make the decisions on who he fights. I would rather he had a comeback fight at 154. He’s had two losses, I want to see some wins on that record, even if we have two fights in three or four months.”

The showdown with his British rival Amir Khan seems as elusive as ever. “The Amir Khan fight, who knows?” Hearn continued. “We’re waiting for that fight forever. Now Amir wants it 147lbs. I think Kell sees the names at 147 and thinks I want to fight them. I just don’t think he can do it to his body any more. He makes it and to be fair he made 147 I wouldn’t say well for Errol Spence but well for him but why? What’s the point when you can be so strong at 154. I would like to see some green on the record.”