Ray Austin, who lost to Wladimir Klitschko in 2007 by a stoppage in the second round

“He’s an all around athlete. A great athlete, a better athlete than what I’d anticipated when I got in there with him. He’s got everything a heavyweight is supposed to have – he’s strong, he’s got mobility, movement, good jab. But the key thing was for me to go in there and take it to him and make him fight and don’t let him box and get in his comfort zone. That was the plan – to break his rhythm. He was kind of fast on his feet. His mobile movement from the right to the left was better than I anticipated beause when I first went in there, I cut the left off immediately and he darted back the other way. And he did it so swiftly and fast. He just moved with no problems, like this is what I do. I said, ‘Oh okay, this guy isn’t gonna stand still.’ He came to fight. I watched the Sam Peter fight and Sam seemed like he caught up with him a little more. Even though he boxed Sam pretty good, Sam was able to catch up with him and land a couple of punches. And that’s what I was looking to do.

“I think Wladimir’s one of the greatest so far. He hasn’t really truly been tested, he’s been in a couple of wars, he won a few, lost a few but he’s still got to prove himself.”


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