BOXING fans love a knockout. They also love a fighter who pushes for a finish, who is not necessarily reckless but at least aggressive.

Trainer Abel Sanchez took that into account when working with the outstanding Golovkin. “The ‘Mexican style’ we have been trying to develop with him is just a more entertaining style, a style that is reminiscent of fighters in the past, Duran, Gomez, Sanchez, Chavez. Even Oscar [De La Hoya]’s fights 20 years ago or 15 years ago. Where guys stood in the middle of the ring and went at each other and gave the fans the kind of fight they deserve for the money that they’re paying. It’s more of an entertaining, aggressive, American-public type of fight,” he explained.

Sanchez added, “We have worked on all aspects in training just because we have a force in front of us. We have a David Lemieux who is a very aggressive kind of fighter, comes forward. So we work on all aspects of it, just to make sure we’re ready for whatever David brings.”

Or, in his more succinct style, Golovkin himself says, “I promise good show.”