1. Rematch
Such a tremendous fight, featuring a thunderous display from Gennady Golovkin and bursts of fantastic quality from Canelo Alvarez, deserves a rematch.

Factor in the shocking card that had Canelo winning for one judge and leaving the fight to result in a controversial draw, a rematch surely simply must happen.

Canelo Alvarez

2. Canelo Alvarez vs Miguel Cotto

For the first time Canelo actually fought at the middleweight limit, 160lbs and while he performed excellently in a thrilling fight, he couldn’t come away with victory and frankly appeared to lose the fight. If Golovkin-Canelo were going to collide again perhaps later next year, in the meantime there is another highly appealing rematch that could see Alvarez hone his skills further, taking on Miguel Cotto once again before the Puerto Rican great retires.

Watch their first fight here:

Video: HBO Boxing

3. Gennady Golovkin vs Billy Joe Saunders

The draw was highly frustrating for Golovkin but he still retains the WBA, IBF and WBA middleweight world titles. The only belt outside of his clutches is the WBO crown that Billy Joe Saunders defended against Willie Monroe Jr in London on Saturday. Taking on Saunders would allow Golokin to unify the division.

4. Canelo Alvarez vs David Lemieux

If a rematch with Golovkin cannot be arranged next, Alvarez has proven he is one of the best middleweights in the world (and probably one of the best fighters in the world at any weight). He should stay in the middleweight division and taking on big punching David Lemieux would surely produce another thriller.

5. Gennady Golovkin vs Danny Jacobs

Outside of Canelo Alvarez, Danny Jacobs gave Gennady Golovkin his toughest fight. Jacobs believes he has the tools to defeat the great Kazakh and this rematch would settle that question.

Watch their fight here:

Video: HBO Boxing