An investigation into Rio 2016 and beyond has revealed a shocking, but not surprising, account of AIBA corruption

Thomas Stalker
Former GB Boxing captain

It’s never too late so I think AIBA need to give all the medals to the people they robbed in 2016.

Micky Helliet
Boxing manager

Not having areas where officials can meet unsupervised on a daily basis would be a big step in the right direction. Maybe bringing in an outside body who remained anonymous to do the judging would help, but judges are human and will always be susceptible to being corrupted.

Paul Smith
Former British champion

Corruption, incompetence and ‘politics’ have been rife in amateur boxing for a long time. I think it’s too late to restore trust. Whatever governs AIBA, it will always end up the same way. Boxers are being robbed of their dreams. I’m happy there’s now a chance to create something fair going forwards.

Chris McKenna
Sports reporter

Never too late in boxing but they’re on their final chance now IF they can keep boxing in the Olympics for Paris 2024. The only way we will know if they’re serious about changes is when the major tournaments roll around and we see the judging is fair, like it was in Tokyo. A long road ahead.