March 1


Chonburi, Thailand: Knockout CP Freshmart (15-0) W KO 5 Go Odaira (13-6-3). Fly: Noknoi (62-4) W TKO 6 Kaenpetch (8-5). Fly: Yodmongkol (45-3) W TKO 2 Xusanbov Abdullayev (-0-2).Super Bantam: Oleydong (64-1-1) W PTS 6 Davidson Baison (0-1).

CP Freshmart vs. Odaira

CP punches too hard for Japanese challenger.  Odaira was flitting around the ring from the start throwing light punches with CP shadowing him and letting fly punches with bad intent landing straight rights and a peach of a left uppercut. Odaira traded more in the second and third and paid the price. CP scored with hooks to the body, straight rights and uppercuts and hurt Odaira with a left hook late in the second and again in the third. Odaira was landing good punches of his own but lacked power. CP landed seven consecutive body punches in the fourth and then half punched half wrestled Odaira to the floor. Odaira got up and the bell went. Early in the fifth a left and right to the head sent Odaira down. He slumped to his side then up on to his knees but was kneeling facing the canvas as he was counted out. Third defence of the full WBA title for 26-year-old CP (I know that name sounds silly but his real name is Thammanoon Niyomtrong so I will stick with the silly one). He won the interim title in his ninth fight and has been in scheduled ten round bouts from the start so presumably has background in Muay Thai. Odaira, 32, the former Japanese champion, showed plenty of guts but just did not have the power to keep CP out. Odaira challenged for the WBC title in March last year but was stopped in five rounds by Wanheng.

Noknoi vs. Kaenpetch

Some really awful “matching” here. Noknoi just keeps busy with stoppage of Thai novice Kaenpetch. Now 61 wins in a row for WBA No 2 Noknoi and 38 wins by KO/TKO. This against a 40-year-old guy who was having his first fight in almost three years.

Yodmongkol vs. Abdullayev

This one almost as bad. Former interim WBA fly champion Yodmongkol (real name Sirichai Thaiyen) stops one fight novice Abdullaev from Uzbekistan. Only one loss in his last 40 fights for WBA No 1Yodmongkol and that was to Juan Carlos Reveco for the secondary WBA fly title in 2014.

Oleydong vs. Baison

Probably the worst of a bad lot as former WBC minimum champion Oleydong (real name Kittipong Jaigrajang) outpoints unknown from parts unknown Baison. Now 29 wins in a row for Oleydong rated WBC 4/WBA 5. Disgraceful “fights”.

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