VITALI KLITSCHKO believes it’s his fault that his brother Wladimir lost to Anthony Joshua. He told his brother to ease up after dropping the Englishman in the sixth round of their heavyweight championship fight at Wembley stadium in April. If it wasn’t for that intervention, Vitali, the former WBC heavyweight champion, believes Wladimir Klitschko would have won the fight and regained his titles.

“I feel guilty because I told Wladimir in the corner please don’t be so active. In round number six Wladimir sent Joshua to the floor. I expected with such big muscles an athlete never to recover, I was surprised. Joshua recovered so fast and stopped Wladimir. If I hadn’t stopped my brother, in my opinion Wladimir would have knocked him out, maybe in round seven,” Vitali told Fight Hub TV.

Vitali is the mayor of Kiev and at 47 years old a comeback is not realistic. Nevertheless he does bagwork twice a week and reckons that if he did come back, he’d knock out Anthony Joshua. Klitschko explains, “I miss boxing very much. Boxing stays always in my heart.”

“Together we’re stronger. I lost a fight against Chris Byrd. Wladimir came back and destroyed him, knocked him out. Wladimir lost a fight against Corrie Sanders, I knocked Corrie Sanders out next fight. Because I defend my brother. I have a feeling I can do it better, I have to defend [his brother] and fight Joshua and bring back the belt to the family,” he suggested with a smile. “I have a feeling if I go inside the ring, I knock him out but I can’t do it right now.”

Vitali Klitschko

He added, “It was just a lucky fight, a lucky day for Joshua, he can prove himself in the next couple of fights. If he beats everyone in the next couple of fights, Joshua will be the strongest one at the present time.”