TYSON FURY has made history against all odds, defeating Wladimir Klitschko in Germany to win the world heavyweight championship via unanimous 12-round decision. Few saw it coming, bar Fury himself.

“That’s why he avoided me for five years,” said the new king. “I showed him things he’d never seen before. Nobody comes to Germany and showboats with the world heavyweight champion like that. Only in America, but tonight we’re in Germany!

“People can say what they like about me, I’m fat, I’m slow, I’m chinless. He landed one good shot on me. He was hanging on for dear life all the way through.

“He’s been a great champion but like I’ve said in the past, every good dog has its day. That day was tonight and today is the start of a new era, and a new champion, and I said I’d be the most charismatic champion since Muhammad Ali and I hope to be that.”