THE HEAT of Cinco de Mayo weekend went up a couple of degrees as Canelo and Jaime Munguia courted the assembled media to discuss their Las Vegas headline attraction on May 4. 

While the main eventers remained relatively cordial, the gloves swiftly came off during a fiery press conference. Standing to confront former promoter Oscar De La Hoya, as the ‘Golden Boy’ attempted to list off his indiscretions, Canelo unleashed a barrage of insults before the tension was momentarily reduced.

It was all moving along in a typically tepid fashion until Oscar pulled out his paperwork to fire a broadside at Canelo. Predicting that Saturday would constitute a “changing of the guard” within Mexican boxing, Oscar went on to accuse the star of spending the build-up throwing out personal slurs while forgetting who excelled him into such an elevated position.

De La Hoya irked the Guadalajara man so much that he stood up, primed for a physical altercation as the feuding pair were ushered back to their seats. 

Playing the situation perfectly, Munguia sat and chuckled at the melee while his promoter riled Canelo, making reference to failed drug tests around the second Golovkin fight.

Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya

Muttering away in Spanish, Alvarez quickly switched to English to dish out a verbal volley of expletives so that all nationalities could experience his anger.

“I can guarantee that I’m going to prevail and it’s going to be decisive,” stated Canelo after he calmed down. “I’m proud to be here and make history.”

Away from the press conference table, De La Hoya had been busy rhyming off reasons to Spanish media as to why his young charge would win.

“Canelo has heavy legs, he’s older. Think of the fights, the wars he’s had over the years and his mentality (now),” said the former multi-weight world champion who was clearly sharpening the axe in preparation.

“It’s difficult to get up at four in the morning when you’re in silk pyjamas. Jaime Munguia doesn’t sleep in silk pyjamas. He might sleep naked. He’s the hungry one and he’s ready to win.”

Aged 33, in his 19th-year as a pro, some suggest that the wear and tear on the fight favourite’s frame may tell on Saturday. Pushing aside such suggestions, Canelo points to his experience, talent and ability to adapt, as key factors behind his ongoing success.

Jaime Munguia made a final prediction: “I’ve come here to win. It’s going to be a tough fight but at the end it’s going to be me with my hand raised.”

Canelo responded: “Let the fight last however it’s going to last. You’re not going to want to miss it.”