OVER recent years the use of smoothies by athletes has gained remarkable popularity as a simple, quick and effective way of fuelling and replenishing the body in preparation for and recovery from training or competition. Smoothies can be made from almost any type of fruit and vegetable and can include a range of different protein and carbohydrate-rich foods; therefore, providing a great source of protein and carbohydrate alongside being stacked full of different vitamins and minerals.

This means, that the inclusion of a range of healthy smoothies within a boxer’s daily diet may in fact provide a simple means by which a fighter can improve their general day-to-day diet, alongside supporting their individual nutritional goals of gaining or losing weight. Smoothies also provide an ideal method by which boxers can consume extra nutritious foods that they would not normally eat if put on a plate in front of them.

Finally, as boxers – both professionals and elite amateurs – have very demanding training schedules, this means that it may be very difficult for a fighter to appropriately fuel and refuel the body in order to recover effectively and perform optimally during each of these sessions. Therefore, bringing a pre-made recovery smoothie to a session means that a boxer can immediately begin the recovery process in preparation for their next workout.

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The following provides five simple nutritious smoothies that can contribute to fuelling and replenishing the body and improving general nutritional habits. However boxers should experiment with different fruits, vegetables, protein and carbohydrate-sources in order to find the ideal recipe to suit their nutritional goals and taste.

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