10. Jock McAvoy

McAvoy knocked world middleweight champion Ed Risko out inside a round in 1935, but the title was not at stake.

  1. Kirkland Laing

An upset win over Roberto Duran was the pinnacle of Laing’s career, which was hampered by his battles with substance abuse.

  1. Len Harvey

Harvey managed to win the Lonsdale belt at middle, light-heavy and heavyweight – all in the space of one year.

  1. Michael Watson

Watson was involved in some incredible fights, but his rematch with Chris Eubank in in 1991 left him with life-altering injuries.

  1. Dave Charnley

Southpaw Charnley did eventually beat world lightweight champion Joe Brown, but only after the American had lost his title.

  1. Alan Rudkin

Rudkin took on three bantamweight greats during his time, falling short against Fighting Harada, Lionel Rose and Ruben Olivares.

  1. Nel Tarleton

Despite having just one lung, the Liverpudlian won British and Commonwealth featherweight titles and pushed world champion Freddie Miller hard twice.

  1. Herol Graham

Graham lost three world title fights, though had dominated WBC champion Julian Jackson for the best part of four rounds before the champion ended the fight with one punch.

  1. Owen Moran

The thuggish Brummie drew with both Driscoll and Attell – and even beat Battling Nelson in 1910. Lightweight champion Ad Wolgast had too much for him though.

  1. Jim Driscoll

The gifted Welshman looked to have had the better of world featherweight champion Abe Attell in 1909, but the title was not on the line.