LOUIS ADOLPHE fights William Warburton on Saturday (October 13) at York Hall as he begins to move his career forward.

“It’s to get me back active again. I don’t take no opponent lightly,” Adolphe told Boxing News. “I’m focused now, I’m on it. I’m definitely going to be getting some domestic clashes, get in the mix, 100 percent.

“Now the ball’s rolling again.”

Adolphe is a talented boxer, who became ABA champion in an amateur career that saw him box and beat the likes of Josh Taylor, Robbie Davies and more.

Since being disqualified against Nathan McIntosh last year, for knocking him out after the referee called break, Adolphe has chalked up a win. “It was already loaded and I just pulled the trigger at the wrong time, it wasn’t done on purpose,” he explained of the offending punch.

“Afterwards [an argument] was heat of the moment, he was p***ed off, rightfully so. That was it really, a little verbal argument [after the fight]. That was it, it wasn’t anything major. It got blown out of proportion.”

Adolphe has been sparring Josh Taylor, but another well known sparring partner of his is Conor McGregor. Louis has not been impressed with McGregor though. He thinks his sparring with McGregor would have been better to pay to watch than the Floyd Mayweather fight. “I feel like he’s lost his hunger now. He’s got the money. Obviously the Mayweather fight was a huge pay out. I just feel like he’s lost that hunger now. If it’s not there no more,” he said.

Conor McGregor

“There’s no point coming back to boxing. He’s an MMA fighter, that’s what it is. Maybe for a couple of paydays [but] after Mayweather, it wasn’t nothing to scream about.”