TONY BELLEW has outlined the three options he is considering for his next fight.

WBO heavyweight champion Joseph Parker is a target, while he is seriously considering taking on unified light-heavyweight champion Andre Ward. The former cruiserweight could also have a rematch at heavyweight with David Haye.

Haye suffered a serious injury against Bellew but insists he could return in December, though declined to speculate on possible opposition. Ward has dominated at light-heavy and is considering moving up further in weight.

But intriguingly Bellew is in discussions with New Zealander Joseph Parker.

“Joseph Parker is heavyweight champion of the world and I am definitely interested in facing him. We will see how the negotiations go. My team and Joseph’s team are speaking. We are getting somewhere. I like the Joseph Parker fight. Heavyweight champion of the world, it does have a certain ring to it. I do like the thought of it,” Bellew told Duco Boxing.

He continued, “Andre Ward is pound-for-pound king of the world, so they say. Everybody’s writing me off if I take that fight. It’s a fight that I like, so we’ll see. Then we have the rematch with the ‘Hayefaker’. We’ll see. Time will tell. I’ll make my decision when I see fit and we’ll go from there. Joseph is a unit, he’s a heavyweight. There is no such thing as a small heavyweight. I am not small, he is not small, I believe me and Joseph Parker make for a very, very good fight. He is a come-forward style fighter, I am a box-fighter. It has all the earmarks for a classic fight. Time will tell. If it makes pounds, it makes sense. And believe you me it will make a lot of pounds.”

tony bellew

Hughie Fury of course will be happy to derail those plans. The cousin of Tyson Fury is boxing Parker on September 23 in Manchester and doesn’t care for the manoeuvring of Eddie Hearn, Bellew’s promoter. “I can’t wait to shut up all you haters and to see the look on Eddie Hearn’s face and see all his plans go to s***,” Hughie declared, signing off his tweet: “#cockroach.”