THE doors to the George Groves Boxing Club have been open for well over a year now and we are in the business of growing our show.

We love it and we want it to be as big as possible. We do it to deliver a bit of joy into people’s ears but now our listeners can feast their eyes upon us too. Sounds weird when you put it like that but you get the idea.

We have filmed a few over the last 15 months but we’ve never released an episode in its entirety. We are now revealing what’s behind the curtain and our hope is that it isn’t shit – that it isn’t proper Wizard of Oz. We are hoping you will all enjoy it but you’ll have to watch it to find out, I won’t give away any trade secrets here.

It keeps us fresh as well. It keeps me and Dec on our toes. We will have to make slight adjustments to how we will produce the show and you might notice a few differences in the episodes. But we will still stick to our formula and that is: real boxing people talking about real aspects of boxing that the fans might not have quite got to grips with yet.

This project is not without its challenges though and some major ones will be me and Dec smartening up a bit. Literally. What we wear because everyone will see us every week now. We don’t want to clash, we don’t want to wear the same colour dress for an episode, for instance. I haven’t ruled out a uniform, to be honest.

But mainly, getting guests in and asking them to be filmed does change things a bit. What has been good for us in the past is we can get people talking in the little studio, away from the cameras. Now the onus is on us to get our guests to open up in the same way in front of our cameras. We will be upping our game in that sense to keep people speaking freely. We want our tone to remain the same.

I can’t say I’ve signed up to any presenting school in order to facilitate this move yet but let’s not rule anything out. If anyone has any suggestions, me and Dec are always in the business of upskilling. This is a multi-tasking game now: podcasting but with cameras. Luckily we will have some great direction from the Crowd Network and Boxing News teams.

That’s what any fighter needs – good cornermen. They’re just shouting instructions from the corner allowing us to go and have a tear-up. We love the tear-up but sometimes we need to be told when to get behind the jab or when to move the feet.

But we are not turning our backs on all of you who have enjoyed listening to the pod since we launched. You will still have the podcast every week in your ears while you’re out and about, in the car or walking the dog. We just want to provide a 360 degree service to all our listeners. I can’t remember a social post we’ve done without someone asking us to put this on Youtube.

We have been using bit of videos here and there on our socials but now you can rest assured that all our episodes will be on camera and therefore instagrammable, for bitesize chunks of goodness. Socials are @ggboxingclub of course but you know that already.

We also have some classic episodes with the likes of Carl Froch, Brandon Scott and others which we will be editing and uploading to Youtube too.

The truth is, we just want to get invited to a few more Youtube parties and rub shoulders with some more influencers. Ultimately, we both want to have a Youtube boxing career, because that appears to be where the money is at. I don’t think I’ll quite get over the line, I don’t think they will have me as a Misfits fighter but Dec – 100 per cent. This is all just about getting him a fight with KSI or someone like that so we can pay the bills.

With that in mind – it’s still the GGBC that we all know and love, with a new episode every Wednesday and without doubt the best features ever. But now you can watch it too.

You can’t say fairer than that.