THE boxing tournament at the Commonwealth Games has reached the quarter-finals stage. Among the quality performers were Frazer Clarke, who beat host nation super-heavy Toese Vou Siutu on Wednesday (April 10).

“Make no mistake about it, the best of Fraser Clarke is yet to come, you’ll see that in the next couple of days,” the Burton boxer said. “You know what, I think I made it a little closer than it should have been, I felt very good warming up, but when you get in there maybe nerves creep up. Possibly from a big crowd, even though I’ve seen it before sometimes they can get to you. I beat the Australian at 60% I’m only going to get better.”

“I spoke to AJ [Anthony Joshua] he messaged me just after the fight, the same message as always ‘go and do what you have to do.’ We don’t say a lot of words as not that many words need to be said. We train hard like professionals, fight hard. He expects me to return with a gold medal… That’s what it’s all about for me, some people want money, others want fame, I want my picture on the wall in the GB boxing team for the Olympics. I look up there and I see Audley Harrison, David Price, Joseph Joyce and Anthony Joshua. They’re great heavyweights, they’re on the wall and I want to join that list,” he revealed.

“I work very hard and very professionally and my objective is to be on that wall with a gold medal in Tokyo. But, for now, the job is right here on the Gold Coast and I’ve got to take the next fight.”

European bantamweight champion Peter McGrail also boxed well as he beat Ghana’s Samuel Addo on a wide points decision. “I knew he was tough strong man from Ghana. At the start of the round he had good power but then he would lose it, so I had to be careful at the first part of the round so I was just trying to use my movement, my feet in and out and my fast hands,” Peter said. “We watch the daily fights and make a little plan but things can change, you could make a plan and then you could come out and things happen completely differently so you have to adapt.

“I’ll keep my diet right, believe in myself, turn up on the day and put a good performance in. As long as I box at the best of my abilities then there is nothing in the way between me and my gold medal, otherwise I’d be gutted and feel like I’d underachieved.

“If I get silver or bronze I wouldn’t be happy with it, I would feel like I would have underachieved.”

Results so far:

Male: 49: Galal Yafai (England) outpd Simplice Fotsala (Cameroon) unan, Yafai stpd Sharvin Beedassee (Maurtius) 2nd, Amit (India) outpd Aqeel Ahmed (Scotland) split. 52: Reece McFadden (Scotland) outpd Keevin Allicock (Guyana) split, Brendan Irvine (Northern Ireland) outpd Jabali Breedy (Barbados) unan. 56: Kurt Walker (Northern Ireland) outpd Jack Bowen (Australia) unan, Peter McGrail (England) stpd Benson Njangiru (Kenya) 3rd, Walker outpd Moroke Mokhotho (Lesotho) split, McGrail outpd Samuel Addo (Ghana) unan. 60: Calum French (England) outpd Ali Ahmad (Pakistan) unan, James McGivern (Northern Ireland) stpd Emmanuel Ngoma (Zambia) 2nd, Nathan Collins (Scotland) outpd Colan Caleb (Nauru) split, Micky McDonagh (Wales) outpd Qhobosheane Mohlerepe (Lesotho) unan. 64: William Edwards (Wales) outpd Alston Ryan (Antigua) unan, Luke McCormack (England) outpd Kavuma Ssemujju (Uganda) unan, Nkumbe Silungwe (Zambia) outpd Edwards unan, Thomas Blumenfeld (Canada) outpd Robbie McKechnie (Scotland) unan, McCormack outpd Sean McComb (Northern Ireland) split, McCormack outpd Luke Wilson (Australia) unan. 69: Stephen Newns (Scotland) outpd John Moleni (Tonga) split, Newns outpd Curlun Richardson (Anguilla) unan, Aidan Walsh (Northern Ireland) outpd Gul Zaib (Pakistan) unan, Pat McCormack (England) stpd Jonathan Francois (Grenada) 3rd, Winston Hills (Fiji) outpd Newns unan, Walsh outpd Leroy Hindley (New Zealand) unan, McCormack outpd Musa Bwogi (Uganda) unan. 75: Steven Donnelly (Northern Ireland) outpd Kyran Jones (Wales) split, John Docherty (Scotland) outpd Jean Alberte (Mauritius) unan, Donnelly outpd Gibrilla Kamara (Sierra Leone) unan, Ben Whittaker (England) outpd Dariel Ebanks (Cayman Islands) unan, Docherty outpd Andreas Kokkinos (Cyprus) unan. 81: Clay Waterman (Australia) outpd Sean Lazzerini (Scotland) split. 91: Scott Forrest (Scotland) outpd Elly Ochola (Kenya) unan, Cheavon Clarke (England) outpd Forrest unan, Jason Whately (Australia) outpd Damien Sullivan (Northern Ireland) split. 91&: Patrick Mailata (New Zealand) outpd Mitchell Barton (Scotland) unan, Frazer Clarke (England) outpd Toese Vou Siutu (Australia) unan, Mailata outpd Stephen McMonagle (Northern Ireland) unan. Female:  48: Mary Kom (India) outpd Megan Gordon (Scotland) unan, Kristina O’Hara (Northern Ireland) outpd Lynsey Holdaway (Wales) split. 57: Vikki Glover (Scotland) outpd Valerian Spicer (Dominica) split, Michaela Walsh (Northern Ireland) stpd Keamogetse Kenosi (Botswana) 3rd, Sabrina Aubin-Boucher (Canada) outpd Glover split. 60: Paige Murney (England) outpd Laizani Soma (Papua New Guinea) unan. 69: Rosie Eccles (Wales) outpd Aubiege Azangue (Cameroon) split, Eccles outpd Magan Maka (Tonga) unan, Kaye Scott (Australia) outpd Itunu Oriola (Nigeria) unan, Sandy Ryan (England) outpd Lovlina Borgohain (India) split. 75: Caitlin Parker (Australia) outpd Natasha Gale (England) unan, Lauren Price (Wales) outpd Rady Gramane (Mozambique) unan.