On January 6 1681, the first recorded boxing match took place in Britain,  which was over 300 years ago. Now let me ask you this, is Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua the biggest fight in British boxing history? Also is it happening in 2021? 

On the video below I talk all about this and the hurdles they have to over come before they can step in that ring together. 

The two heavyweight super stars are lined up to fight next year and if this does go ahead what an amazing fight this will be, this will actually be more than a fight, it will be an event like a World Cup final or the Olympic Games. 

When I recorded this video I got super excited about this fight, thinking about the build up, the anticipation and everything else that comes with it. 

It’s rumored Fury and Joshua could earn between $60-$70 million for their first bout next year and then double that if they have the  rematch later in 2021. And if that is the case they both deserve every penny! 

Check out the video, at the end I give my prediction, I would love to know if you agree or not with what I say the outcome will be:

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